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This Lent - Busy: Reconnecting with an Unhurried God

The season of Lent has often been a time when we think about “giving something up”—a holdover from its penitential flavor in the medieval church. But what if we thought less about “giving up” and more about “making room?” In this Lent series, we will find out what it really costs to be so busy. Let us reconnect to an unhurried God.

We strive to be a warm and welcoming Christian family.
In the Summer, we gather outdoors for worship in the garden and worship is enjoyed by all ages together.  There, the pond is our backdrop, and the summer breeze is our companion, as we worship with hymns, prayers and a sermon for nearly an hour.  We love to sing;  young and old, those in tune and out-of-tune!  We are led by wonderful vocalists, and often enjoy the accompaniment of the flute.  Most summer weeks we share communion together, where all are invited to enjoy the meal Jesus gave us to remember him.  Following the worship service, we invite all to linger and enjoy plentiful snacks, coffee and juice.  (Note: during inclement weather, we remain dry inside).

We believe in a loving, forgiving, and merciful God who is creator and sustainer of all.  We desire to honor God in our worship, follow God in our hearts, and serve God through our work in the world.
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