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"Meeting together, working together, learning and laughing together, the women of Ladies Charitable make a difference in our community and world as we reach out to serve those in need while helping to ensure that our faith and church remain a vital force in our time." Mission Statement - March 2006

Founded in 1815, the Ladies Charitable Society was and still is a driving force in the life of the Second Congregational Church of Boxford. Indeed, raising money to help those in need is what we are all about. Our financial contributions include contributions to local charitable agencies, world disaster assistance when needed and covering special needs within our own church facilities.

Fall Happenings - 2013 Newsletter

The youth of our church are our most valuable treasures. We support youth activities as well as awarding an annual scholarship to a graduating senior who has been actively involved in our church community.

Interesting monthly programs are offered throughout the church year and are open anyone who would like to attend. (Yes, husbands, dads, and sons sometimes attend)

Over the years, our church has benefited from our many fund raising efforts. As early as 1843 when this church was built, the LCS bought a carpet, lamps and settees for the vestry, and paid for the brick pavement in front to the building.... and we are still carrying on this tradition today.

Tumbling Block Quilt


  • Weekly Meetings

10 AM - Wednesday
Park House
Quilters & Crafters

  • Monthly Programs

2nd Wednesday
Parish Hall

Holiday Boutique


The Apple Festival: September

Christmas Boutique and Yuletide Marketplace: December



New computer software for church. (2011)
Slide out shelves in the church kitchen. (2010)
Annual Scholarship for church youth
Holiday Baskets or Flowers to shut-ins
Holiday contributions to 12 local charitable organizations


Sunday Hospitality: LCS is responsible for Sunday Coffee Hour six times a year.
Collations: The Ladies Charitable Society provides collations to our church family and their immediate family.