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future community leaders at work As we were cleaning up, people started to walk out and when I looked at the back door, I saw a man standing there. He looked at me, smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Still to this day I can’t tell you why it struck me in the way that it did. There was a known peace between us of what had happened. He received his meal and his scripture and in his own way shown me what it had meant. At that moment he was telling me that today he was going to be ok. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day but today he had been given the tools to find happiness in his life.

Youth Mission Trip 2020: Philadelphia 

One goal we have for youth ministries is to provide a variety of ways for our youth to serve those in need. Last year we were on the Indian Reservation in South Dakota, a very rural experience. This year we want to offer a different experience in an urban setting. Old First Reformed United Church of Christ has been offering such an experience for over 40 years ( In the heart of Philadelphia, Old First is blocks away from the Liberty Bell in the historic district yet easily accessible to many community outreach agencies. Old First Reformed offers the opportunity to serve the urban community as well as learn about the vulnerable populations, urban life and other social aspects of poverty.

 To learn more and become a part of our trip, check out our Information Packet.

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